Little Victories: Why Small is Beautiful

Little Victories: Why Small is Beautiful
Progress is the sum of small victories – Bruce Catton

Can you remember your last little victory? Maybe smashing through a to-do-list, fixing your own car, or hitting a target at work.  Did you celebrate or even acknowledge what you had just achieved?  I hope so, because you’re awesome, and if nobody else saw you do it, it still deserves a smile.

Little victories in our everyday lives are essential to individual progress, whether its business or fitness, building or baking, every completed task is another step towards our wider goals.  Let’s look then, at why celebrating these wins is all part of the power of less, and why small is beautiful.

Law of attraction

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the law of attraction, the belief that positive thinking can bring positive experiences into our lives, whatever we target our energy on is what will grow.  So, if we focus more of our attention towards celebrating those little victories, we’ll be attracting more of them into our lives.

Over time, this can become a habit that brings more positivity and progress into everything we do.  After all, if slow and steady wins the race, we might as well enjoy the scenery along the way.  That’s not to say the feeling of winning the race isn’t great too, but being able to reminisce on the celebration after each hurdle, that’s a beautiful bonus to be able to look back.

The more victories we celebrate,
the more we attract.


Celebrating little victories or even micro-wins on a daily and weekly basis, means we’re continually recognising progress.  This can help keep us on track towards wider goals and avoid plateaus.  If we’ve worked on something for a long time and not stopped to review its development, it could be veering off in a different direction without realising.

Little victories will not only keep us on course, but build our stamina and resilience to the next hurdles.  It’s easier to keep going if we know the next win is just around the corner.  Using these principles, we can balance our lives to not get too high or too low, and maintain focus on what’s really important in each of our lives.


Of course, the big victories are always sweet when we get there.  Submitting a big report, feeling fit and healthy, reaching for that promotion. Often though, the high fades quicker than we anticipated, and life’s emotional tide drifts away to sea once more.  The big victories can be over-hyped and over-anticipated, we’ve talked about it with friends and family for so long, that we forget to truly indulge in the moment, as it fails to live up to our great expectations.

We can forget to truly indulge in our victories.

Little victories on the other hand, they can surprise us, sneak up and catch us off guard for a rare, raw reaction of joy.  We all have our goals and our dreams to chase, but nothing is guaranteed, so don’t forget to ride the little waves as the tide comes in.  Then at least if we fall, we did some awesome surfing.

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Delight – Small is beautiful