About The Delight Life

Delight – a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment

We all aspire to describe our lives like this, yet for most of us, there’s something more required to reach that bliss.  More money, better job, extra stuff, new friends.  It can seem the harder we push, the more it never ends.

What if the power of less could replace the lust for more?  This is the core concept behind The Delight Life, exploring ways minimalist thinking can be applied to all aspects of life.  From the economy and environment, to your work and way of life, we’ll discover ways a minimal mindset could benefit all.

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About the author

theo drijver

Theo Drijver is a freelance writer and content creator on all things minimal.  After graduating from Environmental Management and Technology at The Open University, he worked in the energy sector.  It was whilst only being able to afford a studio flat near London with his partner, that the world of minimalism truly introduced itself.  As the benefits of a clutter, distraction and stress free life grew, he wandered in what other walks of life could less be more.

Although the passion for consuming less ultimately stems from his environmental roots, the concept evolved, and the potential applications of minimalism snowballed into the creation of The Delight Life.  Now dedicating his life to exploring the power of less, Theo lives in the UK between travels.